Duration: 2 years

Students seeking the A.A.T.S. degree, will have a 12-year elementary-secondary degree and must fulfill 60 academic hours by completing the following. Students will be required to do 20 courses spread through three trimesters starting in January of every year to November of the same with examinations at the end of each semester. The following courses are to be completed with all that appertains to them amounting to 60 academic hours. Students who complete the certificate program can be admitted to the Bachelor of Arts program where they will be required to complete 60 academic hours in order to get a certificate.

Courses for the AATS program

  1. Doctrine of salvation – Theology
  2. Doctrine of the church – Theology
  3. Introduction to theology in the African context – Theology
  4. Doctrine of Man – Theology
  5. New Testament survey – Bible course
  6. Jonah – Bible course
  7. Galatians – Bible course
  8. Practical hermeneutics (Hegeman) – Bible course
  9. Early Church history – History and Missions
  10. Biblical foundations to missions – History and Missions