Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

Students will be required to do 20 courses spread through three trimesters starting in January of every year to November of the same with examinations at the end of each semester. The following courses are to be completed with all that appertains to them amounting to 120 academic hours.

Courses for BATS program


Synoptic Gospels – Bible course

Pentateuch – Bible course

Johannine Literature – Bible course

Pauline 1 – Bible Course

Ancient Church History – History and Missions

Eschatology – History and Missions

Trinity and cults – Theology

Covenant Theology – Theology

Gospel preaching – Ministerial

Homiletics – Ministerial


Prophets – Bible course

Pauline 2 – Bible course

Holy Spirit – Bible Course

Acts – Bible Course

Medieval Church History – History and Missions

Heidelberg Catechism – Theology

Soteriology in the African context – Theology

Issues for African Church leaders – Ministerial

Pastoral Counseling – Ministerial

Scriptures and Science – Ministerial