Duration: 1 year

Designed for nondegree seeking students who want to study academically at the Bachelor level, this program consists of ten (10) courses in Biblical, theological, ministerial, missions, church history, and liberal arts studies, or a combination of these, from the Bachelor’s degree program. Students will be required to do 10 courses spread through three trimesters starting in January of every year to November of the same, with examinations at the end of each semester. The following courses are to be completed with all that appertains to them amounting to 30 academic hours. Students who complete the certificate program can be admitted to the Bachelor of Arts programs, where they will be required to complete 90 academic hours in order to get a certificate.

Courses for the certificate program

Introduction to scriptures – Bible Course

  1. Revelation – Bible Course
  2. Introduction the Old Testament – Bible course
  3. Doctrine of God – Theology
  4. Christology – Theology
  5. General Church History – History and Missions
  6. Introduction to missiology – History and Missions
  7. Lead these people – Ministerial studies and humanities
  8. Origins of prayer – Ministerial studies and humanities
  9. Reformed worship – Ministerial studies and humanities