Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Students seeking the M.A.T.S. degree, will present a 120 credit Bachelor’s degree and must fulfill 60 academic hours. Students will be required to do 20 courses spread through three trimesters starting in January of every year to November of the same with examinations at the end of each semester. The following courses are to be completed with all that appertains to them amounting to 60 academic hours. All the students will write a master thesis that consists of writing a commentary on a book of the Bible. The guidelines are in the document, How to Write a MINTS Course. The thesis will be no shorter than 75 pages and no longer than 125 pages. Each nation has their program of Project 66. The choosing of one’s Bible book is coordinated with a master list that is available on writing the Academic Dean. The thesis can count as a Bible course or as a Humanity course.


Courses for MATS


Greek Exegesis – Bible

Practical Hermeneutics (Zugg) – Bible

Psalms and Wisdom Literature – Bible

Biblical Theology – Theology

Calvin’s 1 – Theology

Westminster 1 – Theology

Millennial positions – Theology

Reformation Church History – History and missions

Leadership development – Ministerial

Pastoral principles and practice – Ministerial



General Epistles and Revelation – Bible

Genesis – Bible

Biblical Interpretation of Old Testament Narrative – Bible

Westminster 2 – Theology

Calvin’s 2 – Theology

Apologetics – Theology

Reformed missionary call and sending – History and Missions

Modern Church History – History and Missions

Expository preaching – Ministerial